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About The Pocono Mountains Film Festival

For 14 years, The Pocono Mountains Film Festival has been exhibiting the work of up-and-coming screenwriters and filmmakers. Based in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, our film festival is dedicated to creating a beneficial platform for artists, and we are happy to help them make their dreams come true.

Mission Statement

The objectives and goals are to increase self-esteem and positive role models. Provide choices and a vision on how to secure a viable socioeconomic status.

Remove the uninvited stereo types that enter our homes through television and media out-lets. Eliminate the option to join a gang and replace it with the option to succeed.

We offer film workshops spearheaded by named professionals in the industry.

Each year, the Pocono Mountains Film Festival honors the iconic and creative genius in the entertainment industry, affording the opportunity for future filmmakers to network with the best of the best.

The Pocono Mountains Film Festival is known for producing stellar events, is well received, and respected by media outlets, from DreamWorks™, BET™, RedBox™, and Netflix™.

Past Honorees

• Terrie M. Williams
• Joe Jackson
• Alvina Alston
• Joe Franklin
• Norman Siegel
• Florence Anthony
• Theresa Freeman
• Keith Beauchamp
• Roberta Flack
• Robert Townsend
• David Saperstein
• Micky Hyman
• Kam Williams
• Melba Moore
• Billy Dee William
• Fred Williamson
• Jack Palance
• Joyce Dewitt
• Jon Provost
• Cliff Robertson and Robert Vaughn
• Patrik Ian Polk
• Rhonda Ross
• Film Critics-Kam Williams and Wilson Morales

PMFF Advisory Board & Board of Directors

Frazier Prince Film Company PHE-Group
Bridget O. Davis Founder of PMFF
Kam Williams Syndicated Journalist / Film Critic / Senior Advisor
Florence Anthony Radio and Television Personality
David Saperstein Filmmaker / Author Cocoon
John Gorsky Screenplay Writer
Shane Cobert Community Advocate
Billy Dee Williams Actor
Wilson Morales Film Critic Blackfilm.com™
Micky Hyman Entertainment Attorney
Billy Lottman Filmmaker
Robert Gibbs Screenwriter/Videos


• Poconos Mountains Chamber of Commerce
• National Council of Negro Women
• National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
• Black Mothers with Sons

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