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Advertising At Our Film Festival

Support independent artists while advertising your business. Located in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, The Pocono Mountains Film Festival is currently looking for sponsors. When you support our film festival, we put an advertisement for your business in our playbill, so every festival attendee will know what local stores and restaurants to go to while they are in town.

Advertising Pricings

Business Card $100.00
Quarter Page $175.00
Half-Page $250.00
Full Page (8 Inches by 10 Inches) $500.00
Front Cover $800.00
Inside of the Front Cover $700.00
Back Cover $775.00
Inside of the Back Cover $675.00

Working Out the Details

Ensure that your advertisement is exactly what you want by working with our organizers. For those of you who have special instructions regarding your advertisement or want more information, please send an email to poconomountainsfilmfestival. We ask that all ads be submitted in the form of a JPEG.

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